• Latest project: Entering new land

    So I had this problem, right? A bewildering experience, in my opinion, and now it’s over, rather barely over, I can talk about it. Or at least provide some details. It has to do with my female anatomy, which I won’t go into detail about. Suffice it to say, I had my bladder sewn back Continue…

  • Here’s an excerpt from my book, a story published in Bacopa Literary Review

    Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/Bacopa-Literary-Writers-Alliance-Gainesville   The Messenger   My cousin Charlie and I stand six feet apart in my living room. I imagine he has already calculated the prescribed distance before he even stepped over the threshold. He hasn’t changed. Not since I saw him ten years ago when he came to my wedding and Continue…


    The Acceptance Letter from Vine Leaves Press Dear Cathy,Oh my goodness, we would love to publish this! Please note that our next available launch date isn’t until November of 2023. We hope this isn’t a problem.If you are happy with our terms, ….We’re very excited about this book!

  • Mom talk

    I am getting this piece published in the MOTHER newsletter on Friday. https://www.mothermag.com/critical-mothers/#motherhood#momtalk#published

  • Giving Tuesday!

    You can read this story here: https://www.udsakron.org/wp-content/uploads/K83-Final-Final.pdf Disabilities

  • One Step Closer

    Yesterday I received an email from Kaleidoscope magazine, asking me to videotape myself reading an excerpt from a short story they published for an event called Giving Tuesday! I know what Giving Tuesday is, but never expected I’d be invited to help promote it! Look what they said! Kaleidoscope is designating our Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts Continue…

  • I love Social Media

    This is a link to my friend’s blog. She wrote about me and Jessica. HER daughter’s name is also Jessica. The rest of the story is kind of intriguing. It almost sounds made up. It’s not.

  • The Journey Began Here

    The television set was first introduced into homes in the ’50s. Every day, someone on our block was getting their brand new TV delivered. I can still see the delivery men carrying the monster box into our house and setting up the new black and white TV in our living room. Day after day we Continue…

  • The Lie

    I lift the faded black and white class photo out of the box and turn it over. There’s a date on the bottom: 1958. The girl with the headband and ringlets, sitting in the third row of desks, is my best friend, Lori. Everyone used to say she looked exactly like the Shirley Temple doll, Continue…

  • My Glow Girl Softens the Rejections

    Magazine rejections anyone?

  • Dancing with the dangling threads of Denial

    I got another story published today so it’s time to celebrate. The story is entitled “The Last Threads of Denial” but there are many invisible threads that still entangle me. I dance around around issues, unable or unwilling to face the truth; I worry whether my story told the whole truth or if I left Continue…


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