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Podcast: I Don’t Know How You Do It: From Self Deception to Celebration, A Mother’s Journey, with Cathy Shields

Podcast: The Momalogues – Navigating The Shape of Normal: A Mother’s Tale Through Cognitive Disabilities

Podcast: On The Hard Days – Mom Cathy Shields on Acceptance & Understanding a Neurodivergent Young Adult

Podcast: Arts Calling – Catherine Shields / The Shape of Normal: Parenting, Disabilities  & Self-discovery

Podcast: Two Moms No Fluff

Podcast: Claiming Your Voice: The Shape of Normal

Essay: How Raising a Special-Needs Daughter Fueled My Writing.

Essay: My Daughter Has an Intellectual Disability. Should I Be Allowed to Write Her Story?

Essay: I had to overcome my shame of being a mom to a child with a disability

Essay: I Left My Daughter Home Alone For the First Time When She Was 20

Essay: The Messenger

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Essay: The Power of the Editor

Essay: This Is the Room

Essay: How My Mother Taught Love, by Default

Essay: Blink

Essay: The Last Threads of Denial

Essay: Two Jellyfish

Essay: The Art of Acceptance

Essay: Detours

Essay: My Phantom Ovaries (reprint)

Essay: I Remember

Essay: My Phantom Ovaries

Essay: Blessed Curse

Essay: The Final Ruling

Essay: I’ll Be Leaving You Behind

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