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I am a writer and mother of three. One of my kids has an intellectual disability. Jessica, now forty years old, resides in a group home.
When I began researching facts about parents with children with an intellectual disability, I discovered that In the United States alone, there are roughly eight million people with intellectual disabilities, including 425,000 children.


I always struggled with the idea Jessica was less than perfect. As it turned out, she was my greatest teacher. She taught me I was the one who needed to change. My hope is my book will serve as a bridge between parents of typically developing children and children with disabilities.

This is Jessica at four and a half. The same year my husband and I were told Jessica was “profoundly retarded.” Those are the exact words the doctor used.
Thankfully, our world has changed, and people have enlightened attitudes. Follow me as I share what it looks like to live in a world which includes people with different abilities.





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  1. Tracy A McCollam says:

    Did you ever teach at Hamilton business college? Independence Missouri…

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